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Our Story

Today’s industries are changing at the blink of an eye. New concepts and innovations spur on developments in technology and manufacturing. Can’t keep up? We can. That’s how ETEC came into being, a company founded on the belief that shared skills and international experience with major multinational enterprises, along with a passion for what we do and a sincere desire to serve and improve, can deliver results that meet the requirements of a rapidly evolving market. Launched in 2019 by a group of dynamic young industry professionals, powered by a wealth of experience and knowledge of the newest developments in the fields of Mechanical and Electrical engineering systems, ETEC is poised to make a difference.


Company Focus

Cement and engineering create buildings, buildings create towns and cities. From small up to medium size projects, ETEC offers the expertise and products to help build a better future. When it comes to engineering, design, procurement, fabrication, installation, commissioning and consultation for electrical and mechanical projects, we should be your first port of call.

Consultation Services
Safety & Environment
Equipment & Spare Parts

Scope of Services

equipment and spare parts we provide, or our speedy response to customers’ requests. We go a step further by offering consultation services, drawing on our years of working within a wide range of environments. We can analysis your operation and tools, and pre-empt problems before they arise. We can streamline functions, advise on the latest technology, and find ways to make your business more efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable. Let’s talk Captive Power Plants, gas stations, water treatment stations…or Calciner Burners, and boilers. We also have the breadth of experience to cover piping and pump stations, sewage water treatment stations, compressor stations and boilers of all types. In short, no matter what field you work in, from steel, food, pharmaceutical or petrochemical right up to full EPC projects, we are quite at home.

Consultation Services
ETEC offers experts with over 10,000 hours of experience in the installation, operation and maintenance of industrial facilities.
Electrical and Automation
When you know what you want to achieve but you are not sure how to go about it, we can guide you with the best options.
Maintenance and Services
Without corrective maintenance and specialized care, any piece of machinery or electrical unit is likely to fail you.
Spare part supply
Manufacturing, supplying, installation and essential services, (boilers, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, valves, switchboards, electric motors, drives, switchgear, relays contractors, …etc.)
Water Treatment Stations
ETEC has the wide experience to study, design, construct and provide complete water treatment plants.
Boilers System design and installation
Tailored to your specifications, we design and manufacture systems with mobile hot water and steam boilers with all accessories.
Air Compressor system
Consultation, Maintenance and service for air compressor systems and air networks.
We understand cement. We know how to install, modify and maintain the equipment that can reliably produce the volumes needed.

Growth and Vision

ETEC may be young, but the more than 24 years accumulated experience and capabilities of our highly skilled management team place it at the forefront of its field. Through its understanding of industry requirements, and a proactive approach, ETEC aims to rapidly become an established name, not only in Egypt, but within the ME, Africa and the GCC.

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