Scope of Services

equipment and spare parts we provide, or our speedy response to customers’ requests. We go a step further by offering consultation services, drawing on our years of working within a wide range of environments. We can analysis your operation and tools, and pre-empt problems before they arise. We can streamline functions, advise on the latest technology, and find ways to make your business more efficient, environmentally friendly and profitable.<br /> Let’s talk Captive Power Plants, gas stations, water treatment stations…or Calciner Burners, and boilers. We also have the breadth of experience to cover piping and pump stations, sewage water treatment stations, compressor stations and boilers of all types. In short, no matter what field you work in, from steel, food, pharmaceutical or petrochemical right up to full EPC projects, we are quite at home.

Consultation Services

The job becomes a lot easier when you have professionals on board. ETEC offers experts with over 10,000 hours of experience in the installation, operation and maintenance of industrial facilities.<br /> This encompasses different industries, including Cement, Textiles, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Sugar, Petrochemical, Beverages, Seeds and Food, and serves multinational, regional and local companies. ETEC strengths lie in its adherence to the latest international guidelines for industrial operation and design. It offers:

  • Consultations covering the newest multinational systems and design.
  • Water treatment systems, wastewater treatment plants and network consulting services with
  • technical solutions.
  • Air compressor system consultation and
  • technical support.
  • Multi-industry conveying systems consultation, design, construction and problem solving.
  • Steam boiler systems consultation, design and
  •  selection.
  • Power engineering consulting services focused on electric and automation activities, through affiliations with other industry experts, offering a broad range of services in many areas of the
  • electric power industry including LV & MV systems, drives, SC calculation, ARC flash study, protection coordination and transformers.

Maintenance and Services

Without corrective maintenance and specialized care, any piece of machinery or electrical unit is likely to fail you. We place a high value on constantly keeping abreast of developing technology and innovations in the multiple fields we excel in. This enables us to provide the maintenance, service and staff training you need.

Electrical and Automation

When you know what you want to achieve but you are not sure how to go about it, we can guide you with the best options. Whether it is consultation, design and fabrication of electric and automation systems, high standard control panels tailored to your specific requirements, or a modification to an old operating system to upgrade it to an automated, programmed operating system, we can deliver the solution you need. Our areas of specialization include the following:

  • Automation systems
  • Electric power engineering services MV & LV
  • Short circuit and Arc flash studies
  • Earth system study


We understand cement. We know how to install, modify and maintain the equipment that can reliably produce the volumes needed. Our specialized team of experts in global cement manufacturing is highly competent in maintenance, shutdown, design, plant modification, crushers, and transport line problem solving. We can perform VRM table and rollers rebuilding and hard facing/ replacement, coolers, EP’s maintenance, etc…. Problem solving comes easily to us, it is just one of our many strengths.

Spare Part Supply

Manufacturing, supplying, installation and essential services, (boilers, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, valves, switchboards, electric motors, drives, switchgear, relays contractors, …etc.), all what is needed for a smooth and continuous operation. we support for DG based power plant -Diesel/HFO/NG engine & its auxiliary equipment, spare parts procurement support directly from engine builder Vendor sources /overhauling services at competitive prices.<br /> (Wartsila /MAN/MAK/CAT/STX-NIGATTA/HYUNDAI etc.) We have section taking care of spares and services for renewable energy such as wind turbines and solar energy. You can count on us to provide the highest quality spare parts from trusted manufacturers.

Boilers System design and installation

ored to your specifications, we design and manufacture systems with mobile hot water and steam boilers with all accessories. Not quite sure what will work best? Discuss it with us and we can come up with the answers. Then when it is in place, we can offer an operation/maintenance contract to ensure it operates to its optimum performance levels.

Air Compressor system

Consultation, Maintenance and service for air compressor systems and air networks. Studies, designs, constructs and supplies air compressor systems complete with all accessories, with the option to be a mobile unit as per the capacity and requirement or should you have a short-term requirement, we can hire one.</p> <p>

Water Treatment Stations

  • ETEC has the wide experience to study, design, construct and provide complete water treatment plants with option to be mobile system on skids or containers as per the capacities and requirements.
  • Water treatment systems and networks consultations services and problem solving
  • Consultation, Design, Construct, Supplies and Services waste water treatment plants.

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