Lazem Saad

Brings a wealth of experience to the cement, textile and other various types of industries. With a career spanning over 24 years, his credentials stack up impressively. An Engineering graduate, Lazem has expanded his expertise not only through on-the-job experience; he has also pursued opportunities to further his studies with multiple training courses in Denmark, Germany, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

His business and managerial acumen extends far beyond his primary field, as shown by a solid, dynamic track record with major multi-national companies like United Colors of Benetton, LAFARGEHOLCIM, and CATEC. This involved carrying out technically advanced projects for names like Babcock Textile GMBH, LOOS Boiler Company, WEISHAUPT Burner Company, Schlumberger, Halliburton and UNICEM in addition to diverse maintenance contracts for food industries, pharmaceutical, beverages, textile, water treatment plants and paper mills.

The above work scope extended to a list of international clients in Turkey, USA, KSA, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Congo, Cambodia, Eretria, Syria, Nigeria, Jordon, Italy, Tanzania and Honduras. This has given Lazem outstanding skills in managing maintenance and work teams of different origins and cultures. Throughout his career, he has clearly exhibited a natural skill for taking a project from start up to completion in a smooth, efficient process, while coming up with viable solutions to meet challenging technical issues. Paired with his natural leadership qualities, this has resulted in a high level of responsibility in each position he has taken over the years. Coupled with a proactive approach and proven competencies, Lazem’s impressive experience has positioned him as a valuable industry asset.

Mohamed Mahmoud

Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein is a cement industry professional with years of hands-on experience in diverse locations with leading multinational cement organizations such as LAFARGEHOLCIM, Orascom and ASEC. His wealth of industry knowledge is backed up with practical and managerial skills, with the vision to drive a company forward into becoming a major player. One of his major strengths lies in his detailed knowledge of electrical systems within the manufacturing process, giving a track record that has proven time and again his invaluable ability to come up with timely and accurate resolutions to any technical issue that might arise. Through this he has risen quickly to become a respected name within his field.

Supporting his business and technical skills, Mohamed Hussein has vast experience in communicating and working with people of various cultures and nationalities. His work has led him as far afield as the Middle East and Africa. Building on his solid background, his current role as CIP (Cement Industrial performance) Project Manager in LafargeHolcim MEA sees him playing a key role in providing technical support improving the plant’s performance.